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Government of Cyprus offers a Fast Track Citizenship Scheme presenting exciting and endless opportunities at non-EU high net worth Individuals, Investors, entrepreneurs and wealthy families ready to move in fast and reap the benefits of one of the best and strongest passports in the world.

Cyprus is currently the only European Country which by law offers a pure citizenship and a second passport in just 6 months. On the 13th of September, 2016 pursuant to subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2015, the Cyprus Council of Ministers have established and approved a new and even more attractive Scheme for "Naturalization of non-Cypriot investors by exception".

The Cyprus Citizenship Program gives an excellent International travel document to non – EU citizens. Every Cypriot passport holder is also a Citizen of a European Union. The passport along with the national identity card allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the 28 states of European Union and European Economic Area. Furthermore, Cypriot Citizens are entitled to travel to a total of 169 countries without visas or with passports stamped on arrival. A Cyprus Passport is a powerful tool for business investors who have an urgent need to move from country to country without any restrictions and delays.


Accessible to all nationalities. Citizenship and Passport is granted to the applicant, the spouse and all financially dependent children up to the age of 28. Parents of the Investor can be included in the same application by purchasing an extra residential property of value €500,000 + 5% V.A.T.

6 months.

Investment opportunity:

Real estate investment in Cyprus.

Minimum required investment cost:

Stability & Security


EUR 2,000.000

Personal Freedom




Personal freedom & advantages

  • Equal rights and privileges as the natural born European citizens
  • Visa-free travel to 169 countries
  • Access to first class recognized European Healthcare and Educational Systems
  • The entire family obtains citizenship
  • Global Mobility
  • No language requirement.
  • No interviews during the process
  • No physical residence requirement
  • Cyprus offers ideal place to live
  • Excellent worldwide connections
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Threat of terrorist attack
  • Political or social oppression
  • Social and economic distress
  • Upheavals, manifestations and civil warfare

Financial freedom & advantages

  • Passport issued in just 6 months
  • Approved CBI Program in Europe
  • Free movement of goods -right to transfer
  • goods from a member state to another
  • Free movement of Capital -transfer any amount of money from a member state to another
  • Free movement of Services – Establishment
  • and free movement of Services
  • Attractive Tax system (no inheritance tax, favourable corporate tax, extensive double tax treaties with many countries)
  • Dual Citizenship allows the facility of second passports and to safeguard your wealth from excessive taxation
  • Financial Freedom
  • Pure Investment - no donation required
  • Exit Strategy after 3 years

Possible investment schemes/costs




For Individuals who wish to purchase only 1 single residential property.

The investment plan should be at least €2 million + 5% VAT (for a single residential unit).

For individuals who wish to purchase more than 1 residential properties.

Investment of €2 million in a residential unit for the Investor worth of minimum €500.000 + 5% VAT plus number of residential units worth €1.5 million + 19% VAT.

For individuals who wish to purchase commercial investments an additional €500,000 + 5% V.A.T for a residential property is required.

Investment of €2.5 million. A residential unit for the investor worth of minimum €500.000 + 5% VAT.

Terms and Conditions

The investment should be kept for three (3) years only and once it is sold a residential property of minimum value of €500.000 must be kept for life to maintain the Cyprus Citizenship.

Real estate investment - 100% success approval rates

The total investment amount will be held on a secured account and not released until the citizenship application has been approved by the Government. We are so confident in the process and approval rate that we offer a full money-back guarantee should the application be declined.

For detailed cost breakdown of government fees, due diligence fees and other application expenses of your specific case contact


Timeline - Application process

Investor must collect and finalize all required documents towards Cyprus naturalization. Required documents are necessary in Greek or English language, verified and signed by the notary officer at Ministry of Affairs of country of origin and also Cyprus embassy.

Citizenship application submitted to Government together with the property purchase agreement and all required documents, at the Ministry of Interior.

Investor arranges a payment of submission invoice fee of €2,000 per adult applicant.

Upon approval of the Citizenship application the Minister issues a confirmation of Submission of Application for Naturalization by Exception”.


Investor must visit Cyprus to provide bio-metric data and apply for an Immigration Permit at the Migration Department. (This can be done via Investors local Cyprus Embassy) The Immigration Permit (card) is issued within five working days.

Permanent Residency Permit Card is issued while investor is waiting for his passport. Passport is issued in total 6 months after P.R Card is issue.

When the Council of Ministers approves the Citizenship investor must visit Cyprus for one day to swear the oaths of allegiance and receive their Cypriot Citizenship Certificates and collect their passport and European ID cards.

One of the main Criteria Investor must inspect and reserve the real estate investment preferences through visit to Cyprus or via correspondence.

Investor must sign property investment purchase agreement and submit them to the Cyprus Land and Surveys Department.

Investor opens bank account in Cyprus, sign necessary bank documentation, transfer funds from abroad and receive an official payment receipt which is required for the application. In case of rejection the balance will be fully refundable.


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25. Anguilla

26. Antigua & Barbuda*

27. Argentina*

28. Aruba

29. Bahamas*

30. Barbados*

31. Belize*

32. Bermuda*

33. Bolivia*

34. Brazil*

35. British Virgin Islands

36. Canada*

37. Cayman Islands

38. Colombia*

39. Costa Rica*

40. Curacao

41. Chile*

42. Dominica*

43. Dominican Republic

A Cypriot citizen can freely travel, reside and work within any of the 28 European Union Countries. Furthermore, Cypriot citizens are entitled to traveling to a total of 169 countries without visas or with passports stamped on arrival.

88. Lebanon*

89. Macau

90. Malaysia*

91. Maldives

92. Nepal

93. Oman

94. Philippines*

95. Singapore*

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99. Timor Leste

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Visa Free Travel to 169 Countries


101. Albania*

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110. Czech Republic

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127. Lithuania

128. Luxembourg

129. Macedonia

130. Malta

44. Rep. Dutch Caribbean

45. Equador

46. El Salvador*

47. Falkland Islands

48. French Guiana

49. Greenland

50. Grennada

51. Guadeloupe

52. Guatemala*

53. Haiti

54. Honduras*

55. Jamaica*

56. Martinique

57. Mexico*

58. Montserrat

59. Nicaragua*

60. Panama*

61. Paraguay*

62. Peru*

63. St Barthelemy

64. St Kitts & Nevis

65. St Lucia

66. St Maarten

67. St Martin

68. St Pierre & Miquelon

69. St Vincent

70. Trinidad & Tobago

71. Turks & Caicos

72. Uruguay*

73. Venezuela*

Visa Free Travel Countries

131. Moldova*

132. Monaco

133. Montenegro

134. Netherlands

135. Norway

136. Poland

137. Portugal

138. Romania

139. San Marino

140. Serbia*

141. Slovakia

142. Slovenia

143. Spain

144. Sweden

145. Switzerland

146. Turkey*

147. Ukraine*

148. United Kingdom

149. Vatican City

Notes: (*) denotes that time restrictions to these countries apply.


74. Armenia

75. Bangladesh*

76. Bruneia*

77. Cambodia

78. Darussalam

79. Georgia

80. Hong Kong*

81. Indonesia*

82. Iraq

83. Israel*

84. Japan*

85. Jordan

86. Kyrgyzstan

87. Laos


1. Botswana*

2. Comoros

3. Djibouti

4. Egypt*

5. Gambia

6. Kenya*

7. Lesotho

8. Madagascar

9. Mauritius

10. Mayotte

11. Malawi*

12. Morocco*

13. Mozambique

14. Reunion

15. St Helena

16. Seychelles

17. South Africa*

18. Swaziland

19. Tanzania

20. Togo

21. Tunisia

22. Uganda

23. Zambia*

24. Zimbabwe


150. Austrailia

151. Cook Islands

152. Micronesia

153. Fiji*

154. French Polynesia

155. Kiribati

156. Marshall Islands

157. Nauru

158. New Caledonia

159. New Zealand*

160. Niue

161. Palau

162. Papau New Guinea

163. Samo

164. Tokelau

165. Tonga

166. Tuvalu

167. Vanuatu

168. Wallis & Futuna

Middle East

169. United Arab Emirates